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Doctor and Patient

Better Patient Relationships

A coordinated, informed Care Team is critical to supporting patients and empowering them with the guidance and services they need to achieve their best health outcomes. Clinicians need an effective way to cut through fragmentation and administrative burden so they can practice at the top of their license.

Better Data Accuracy

Our cloud-based platform is simple and easy to use. Coupled with our mobile apps and ability to sync wearable devices and popular tracking apps, Agrin Health is able to capture and analyze a comprehensive array of data points in real time. And since Patients can easily capture what's happening when it's happening (including photos, video and documents), their Care Team no longer has to rely on the Patient to remember to report the details at the next visit.

Better Efficiency

One of the biggest complaints we hear from Providers is the huge increase in administrative burden over the past 10-15 years. And burdensome paperwork has been a Top 5 Patient complaint for decades. Agrin Health cuts through all of this by capturing the Patient's information in a single, comprehensive repository and keeping their Care Team up-to-date.

Better Intelligence

With hundreds of standard data points and totally customizable field options far beyond the typical EMR, Agrin Health offers one of the most comprehensive data aggregation solutions on the market. But we don't stop there.  Our proprietary intelligence layer sifts through the data for you (based on our best practices and any customized requirements you have) which means our Provider partners don't just get more data... they get incredible intelligence.

Better Adherence

People typically retain less than 30% of what they are told in the clinician's office. Yet Care Teams are held responsible for Patient outcomes which typically require adherence to Care Plans and changing the Patient's behavior after the patient has gone home. Agrin Health was founded by a specialist in behavioral neuroscience, and our platform is specifically designed to help Care Teams reinforce the behavior change needed.

Our Services

Value-Based Care Pathways We Support

While the definition of "value" can differ wildly between the versions of Value-Based Care (VBC), one thing is constant... all VBC models include a "patient-centered" component.  How to render quality care with excellent patient experience and outcomes while managing costs (and staff burnout) becomes the key question, and the complexity almost always leads back to how to influence patient behavior efficiently and effectively without burdening the clinical team.


Agrin Health's unique PHM model is a cost-effective way to bridge the gap between population health and personalized care which allows our Provider Partners to practice at the top of their license while enjoying superior patient outcomes.

Whether you are already engaged in some form of VBC, or you are considering it, Agrin Health can help you deploy a patient engagement strategy necessary for success in a VBC model.

Some of our Partners

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Kroger Health

In a world where Americans have access to foods, its preventative power reduces the need for medication and limits the spread of chronic disease. Kroger Health is working to improve outcomes by creating solutions that combine health, wellness, and nutrition, while connecting with people on an emotional and personal level.
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