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Better Value

Making the shift from Fee-for-Service (FFS) to Value-Based Care (VBC) continues to be a complicated negotiation between Payers and Providers. Providers are anxious about taking on risk when so many of the metrics rely on patient behavior that they cannot control and don't typically have the means to monitor.  Offering a package that includes tools to help them make the transition and be successful assuages key points of resistance.

Meanwhile patients are looking for more value from their health insurance.  People expect their health insurance to help them identify and access quality healthcare providers as well as health+wellness resources and to develop coverage programs that will help improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Agrin Health partners with Payers to support VBC models through enhanced, neuroscience-based patient relationships with their Care Team and to provide patient-centric wrap-around programs such as our Maternal & Infant Health Equity program.

A Better Way to Reduce Risk, Engage Patients

Agrin Health's Personal Health Management (PHM) platform serves as a central command center for the patient, giving people a comprehensive tool to:

  • aggregate their data,

  • discover insights,

  • connect with their their Care Team at home, and

  • access quality health+wellness resources. 


Empowering the patient to drive their family's health and wellness results in superior engagement, increased Care Plan adherence, and better outcomes, thus reducing risk.

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Health Effectiveness Data & Info Set by NCQA

HEDIS is one of health care’s most widely used performance improvement tools, but making sure all of the qualifying data is collected can be a challenge. Agrin Health's Personal Health Management (PHM) platform supports improved HEDIS scores by:

  • aggregating the care activities for each patient which gives the patient and their Care Team a more comprehensive view,

  • securely exchanging that data with the Care Team for more accurate care tracking,

  • intelligently guiding patients to seek preventative care, and

  • connecting patients with the Health+Wellness resources they need for optimal access and utilization where possible.


Consumer Assessment of Providers & Systems by AHRQ

Patient satisfaction is directly impacted by the patient's relationship with their Care Team (outside the clinical setting just as much as inside), but Providers often lack the tools or resources to maintain connection at a distance efficiently.  Agrin Health's patient - Care Team relationship management provides both parties the information they need, when they need it.  By supporting the relationship at a distance, Agrin Health's clients enjoy greater patient's satisfaction.

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Total Cost of Care

Studies have shown that improving the communication between patients and their Care Team has a direct impact on the patient's cost of care.  Agrin Health's unique model provides optimal support for the patient - Care Team relationship and health information exchange to improve right-care-at-the-right time and decreasing TCOC.

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