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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for an account?

Yes, anytime. And the platform (web and mobile apps) is free to use, forever.

Who can use the Agrin Health platform?

Today Agrin Health's platform is open to anyone residing in the US. The web app is accessible from anywhere in the world via internet connection, and Agrin Health offers companion iOS and Android mobile apps.

How does Agrin Health decide who has access to my data?

Each User controls their data access using the Care Team module to dictate who is allowed what kind of data access. Access can be added, adjusted or withdrawn by the User at any time, even if the User was introduced to Agrin Health through their doctor, insurance company or employer.

Since the platform is free to use, does Agrin Health sell data?

No! Agrin Health does not sell or share User data except as directed by the User to facilitate our services such as Care Team coordination or as needed for the User to access partnered services such as telehealth. The Agrin Health account owner has full control over who sees their health information for life. After all, we're not just a company of people making software for others, we're Users too. Agrin Health charges partners for patient relationship services delivered via our platform. For example, if your doctor wants us to send you a survey or alert them if your blood pressure is too high. Even data exchange for these services is controlled by the User.

Is Agrin Health HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Agrin Health is HIPAA compliant. Every account holder is in full control of data access and sharing.

Does Agrin Health integrate with electronic medical records (EMRs)? 

Yes, Agrin Health exchanges data with EMRs in the HL7 FHIR format. Agrin Health is also part of the HL7 Gravity project, defining data exchange guidelines for Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

Can I upload FitBit data into my Agrin Health app?

Yes, Agrin Health's platform syncs with well known fitness apps like FitBit.

What languages does Agrin Health support? 

Agrin Health currently supports English only, but we are working to offer other languages starting with Spanish.

How is Agrin Health’s platform different from a personal health record?

Person Health Records (PHRs) are typically modeled after an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), but made available to patients (whereas EMRs are used by clinicians). Agrin Health’s Family Manager platform is far more comprehensive than a PHR. It is comprised of 3 parts - The Universal Health Record (UHR), Synapse Marketplace, and an intelligence layer. The UHR, which is the most similar to a PHR, allows our Members to capture and securely share much more information than a typical PHR/EMR. Additionally, PHRs do not typically offer access to resources or provide analytics or intelligence for patients; they are only a data repository.

How is Agrin Health’s platform different from a patient portal?

Patient Portals are a way for patients to access EMR data and communications (such as requesting appointments or prescription refills) as determined by the Provider organization. Each instance of a patient portal is a separate repository for a patient. For example, a patient’s Care Team of 5 doctors may all be on Epic, but the patient would have 5 completely separate logins and sets of data and communications options for MyChart (Epic’s patient portal). Like Patient Portals, Agrin Health’s platform offers a secure way to exchange information and communications between Care Teams and their patients. However, Agrin Health is different because our Universal Health Record (UHR) offers a single, consolidated view for the patient along with analysis and access to the Synapse health+wellness resource marketplace. With “one-stop-shopping”, patients are more likely to use the Agrin Health platform than to try to manage isolated portals with limited services.

Can Agrin Health help with administrative burden for Care Teams?

Yes! Agrin Health electronically facilitates the relationship between Care Teams and their patients which reduces paperwork and manual data collection for everyone! The burden of repeatedly collecting patient information manually is a top complaint for Clinicians and patients alike. From medical history to current insurance information, there is a much better use of the little face-to-face time a Care Team has with its patients to provide high quality care. Fortunately, Agrin Health’s Family Manager platform collects information from the patient one time and distributes it to Care Team members’ EMRs as appropriate so everything can be ready to go when the patient walks into the clinic.

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