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The Key to Better Health

70% of health outcomes are a result of our genetics and day-to-day behaviors.  So it's only when people are empowered to adopt healthier behaviors at home that they can hope to achieve their best health and quality of life.  Getting people there is the key.

Personal Health Management (PHM) is when an individual takes active responsibility for managing their own health care. In order to do this people must have the information, motivation and ability to act.  With our foundation in behavioral neuroscience, Agrin Health partners with Care Teams and health+wellness resources to give people personalized, actionable intelligence and access to care that helps families better manage their health and wellness day-to-day.

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One place to gather
your medical records, insurance information, Care Team contacts, medical history, medications, and more

Capture health and
wellness metrics,
medical events and other information manually or from apps/devices via
our Sync connections.

Connect your Care Team  or create custom reports to share securely with
anyone you choose via print/ download, shareable link or QR code.

Confidentially find trusted Health+Wellness resources and get personalized recommendations to take the next step.

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Agrin Health knows that Better Health starts with families who have Better Tools to care for themselves and their loved ones.

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