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It's time for Healthcare tech to work for us. To give us access and control of our own health+wellness information and do it securely. To save us time & effort. And to be wherever we are, on whatever device we use. No matter what doctor we see or what insurance we have.

The Health eBiography® is FREE Forever!

Pay only for the additional services you use.

Your Universal Health Record

  • Securely store your health and wellness data for life

  • Add Dependent accounts

  • Access from any internet-connected device

  • Record any activity or event

  • Share data you select with anyone using our Secure Links

  • Create Customizable Reports

  • Collaborate with our Provider Partners on the platform

  • Discover helpful resources on Synapse, our marketplace


  • Medical Record Retrieval

  • Concierge Assist

*Agrin Health goes the extra mile to protect our Members against anonymous hacking attempts. One way we do this is by including an identity verification step in the registration process.  There are a few ways you can verify your identity.  You can do this online (using a $1 traceable financial transaction) or offline (via email or phone using a government-issued ID).




The Health eBiography web app is accessible from any internet-connected device.  The free companion mobile apps for Android and iOS are available through the app stores.
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Companion mobile app is available to current Customers

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The Health eBiography®

The Health eBiography is the most extensive health+wellness Consumer app on the market.​ From typical medical data to travel, life events, documents, images, and appointments... you can privately store any data you choose for yourself and your dependents. You own it for life, free forever.

It's your data.​ You own it. You control it.  You decide who gets it.  Give access to any of your Care Team members on our platform, or use our secure link to share customized reports with anyone else you choose.

Share COVID test results and vaccination cards

One and done. Stop filling out doctor paperwork and answering the same questions over and over.  Just complete your profile and medical history 1 last time​, update any health activities (like taking medication) and let the Secure Share feature do the rest of the work for you.



Inc. is known worldwide for its exclusive coverage of growing private companies and identification of innovative company builders. Agrin Health, wowed the judges in Inc.'s 2015 accelerator, beating out dozens of amazing Entrepreneurs for the coveted spot as the first ever Top Inc. Start-up.​




“Robust yet simple. It's exactly what I needed to help me with my son's health issues at home.  And I expected it to be expensive!”

— Amanda L.

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"Dad doesn't have much longer, and my brothers and I were having a hard time keeping all of the plans for him coordinated.  With the Health eBiography, we could even coordinate his burial plans. Amazing!”

— Jonah R.

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