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Data Responsibility Pledge

We are the people of Agrin Health.  We believe in a person’s right to privacy.  We believe in a person’s right to own and control the data they create AND the data that is created about them.



To this end, we pledge the following:


To make every reasonable effort and to take every reasonable precaution to secure and protect the data entrusted to us;


To never allow any access to your data (internally, or to our vendors and partners, as well as to any person or organization that you provide us) that is not absolutely essential to render the services you have asked us to provide to you or on your behalf;


To consciously develop business models and other financial incentives that should not encourage anyone at Agrin Health to misuse your data;


To never accept funding from, or sell the company to, an entity without a specific stipulation that they will uphold this Pledge in perpetuity; and


Because we cannot predict every scenario far into the future, to immediately investigate and take corrective action if we ever find that we have acted in a way that is not in accordance with this Pledge.



 We are the people of Agrin Health.  We are not only Team members, we are customers, too.  The solutions we develop are for your family and ours.  And so we take the responsibility of protecting the data entrusted to us very seriously. 

With this Pledge, we invite you to let us earn your trust.

Every Agrin Health Team Member has signed this Pledge.

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